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Getting The Most Out Of Your Incense

Incense refers to material burned in order to produce a smell. The smell emitted by the incense can be purely aesthetic, or it can be used to aid in meditation, spiritual ceremonies, or even pest control. Of course, there are a lot of types of incense. To get your preferred results, you need to correctly use the best incense for the job. Here are some expert tips for getting the most out of your incense. 

Burning Method

There are a couple of ways that you can burn incense. Most people burn incense sticks or cones over an elongated fire-resistant ashtray. This is a simple and effective way to enjoy incense. Simply use a lighter to put a flame to the end of the incense stick. After a couple of seconds, you'll blow out the flame to leave a burning ember. You'll want to be mindful of the stick's placement as it burns. Otherwise, ash can get outside of the ashtray, and the ember can even create a fire hazard. 

Another popular way to light loose incense or resin is with a diffuser. The incense remains inside an electric diffuser, where it's gently heated. As the material inside the diffuser is heated, the aroma escapes from the diffuser. This option tends to be more expensive, but it's longer-lasting and safer. Plus, you won't have to clean up any ash.

While both options are viable in different environments, diffusers and locker room incense are more often used for odor control, and incense sticks are more often used to create a pleasant ambiance.

Scent Choice

It's overwhelming how many different scents of incense you can find. Naturally, you'll gravitate toward scents that you like. However, did you know that specific scents can elicit different emotions or outcomes? 

Try the following scents if you're interested in creating a relaxing environment:

Are you interested in scents to wake you up in the morning? Try citrus scents or peppermint. 

If you want to pick the best scent to set the mood, you should look into flavors with rose, amber, and vanilla. As you try different scents, continue to use the ones your partner likes the best. The act of lighting incense in itself can be an aphrodisiac. You'll get bonus points for paying attention to their preferences. 

Studies show that pleasant olfactory experiences can actually enhance intimacy. Stock up on various different incense scents and types to set the odds in your favor.

For more information on locker room incense, visit a local incense shop.